Monday, December 31, 2007

Mental Cleanse: the work of byron katie. day 3

a coupla' participants from boulder:  i, and konstanze

this a.m. I felt so touched by The Work a couple was doing with Katie.
I feel so very grateful to feel infused with love for others, my wish to love others, by watching this couple connect gratefully through telling each other their thoughts and investigating them together.  i feel cracked open.

then in the evening, i did the work with katie and felt armored and angry.  also, i felt love. and was love, with katie and everyone going thru the process with me.  i was seething, quiet in a low quiet rumble in my arms and belly, and i saw lovely eyes in the crowd of people.  here for peace, to understand themselves, wanting to be done with suffering, questioning thoughts meticulously.  one of the points that came up for me: I want to be right at the cost of my happiness.

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