Sunday, December 30, 2007

The Work with Bryon Katie / The New Year's Mental Cleanse '08

reference avail. at INVESTIGATING THOUGHTS

hello friends, hello family,
i'm at 3rd day of this wonderful true learning of life magic.
magic, inlcuding my experience of hopelessness, jealousy, fear, appreciation,
humor, sadness, and hope and peace.

I'm in a conference room in a hotel in Los Angeles,
with some 300 people.
i just sent an email to my friend bryn and
realised that i want to share with you all.

randomn notes, what
i hear other people saying
and what i am thinking:

if you’re having a nightmare, you want to wake up.
If you’re having a happy dream, you don’t want to wake up.

I’d rather be happy than enlightened.

‘I don’t understand why anyone would want to be with me or know me.’
katie then shortened the thought to
work with ‘ I need to know why people want to be with you’.
is it true?
can you absolutely know that to be true?
no right or wrong answers, just see how your mind works.
this is not a test. don’t plan the test.
3rd que in The Work: how do you react when you think that thought?
look for the negative reactions to work with, positive thoughts of the thought take care of themselves.
4th question: who would you be without the thought?
first turnaround:
‘I need to know why I want to be with me!’
I love being myself being with my grandchildren. I love teaching children how to read.
I want to be with me loving people and me myself.

I’m incredibly generous with my criticism.
it’s bottomless. anytime, I’m available.
and you won’t owe me anything for my service.
this is the generosity I recognise in my self that is available to start with.

Another word for tired is honest. tired of being phony.

‘my intellect got in the way of my heart.’
your intellect got in the way of your truth.
your mind is the pathway to your heart.

I have to go to work.
is that true? did someone make you do it?
I went to work to leave the hell I was in. I wanted out.
but work is still in the hell mind creates.
‘I’m going to work’ , irritated.
turnaround. ‘I’m going to play’. is that true ?

do the formal Work everyday.
I call it the breakfast of champions.
it’s medicine.
thought: I’m terrorized. 
reply:   you are supporting the terrorists.
I don’t have to be concerned how the money comes in.
my job is love.
do the thing in front of you, and love it.

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